AJT – Determined to trade regardless of Brexit

Dudley based company and experts in Force testing machines, AJT Equipment, “Haven’t given Brexit a thought” and “will deal with issues if they arise.”

Founded in 1951, AJT Equipment is experts in the design, manufacture, calibration, service, repair, upgrade and refurbishment of Test Machines. The company designs both Tensile Test machines and Force Testing Machines to their customers’ requirements and as one of the most versatile Test Machine suppliers in the world, they supply and export test machines from Europe to Australia. Dealing with a multitude of industries from oil and gas to lifting and rigging, AJT often faces challenges due to the product requirements and design.

However, regardless of what creeps the company’s way, they are determined to keep a positive attitude and maintain an optimistic outlook. The UK is set to leave the European Union on 31st January, providing the European parliament also give the go-ahead. This means trade deals may change, with the government making it clear that the UK must leave the customs union and single market and end the overall jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The Made in Group sat down with Ian Gordon Managing Director AJT Equipment to talk about how the company has overcome previous hurdles and how they plan to continue with their success no matter what Brexit brings.

Ian told MiG how the company had issues in the past with a long-standing supplier and a customer who decided to move their company to India. The trusted customer took their recently built test machines, produced by AJT Equipment, and their outstanding debt along with them. The Uk based supplier failed to deliver and left AJT with an unnecessary expense to get over. Ian said:

“This caused extreme problems and issues for us but against all odds and advice, we set out the issues one by one and dealt with them.”

“Our experience in overcoming day-to-day design, production and logistical problems came into effect when we dealt with this situation four years ago.”

The confidence to overcome such issues is the same when it comes to Brexit since Brexit was announced in June 2016 the company has continued to trade without the fear of how it may affect the company in the future after establishing these relationships. Ian said:

“Since the result, we have supplied and exported test machines in France, America, Germany, Romania, Australia, Ghana, Tanzania, Ireland, Holland, Portugal, and Denmark.”

“I believe it is vital to remain positive and optimistic. We will remain this way because there is a good reason why we receive so many overseas enquiries and that is because we supply a great product. This goes for any other company in the UK, if your service, products and company are good then you will still be in demand”

AJT Equipment has established relationships with companies in both Germany and Denmark. Ian mentioned that whilst on a visit to the two countries, as part of the service AJT provides, both were concerned that business may diminish once the UK leaves the EU. However, Ian said the companies are still eager to trade with AJT no matter what Brexit brings:

“As trusted partners, these companies know they will receive the right service from AJT and we have always been very loyal to our customers. Brexit might change dynamics and make it more difficult to get goods in and out but it will just be a new way of working.”

“In my experience, German companies are efficient and cautious therefore I don’t think they would be sending through new requests if they were not confident in AJT’s Future.”

As we draw closer to Brexit day, 31st January 2020, Ian plans to carry on business as usual without worries of what Brexit may bring. Once potential problems arise he plans to identify them, categorise them and find solutions one by one. He added:

“In view of this you can spend time, money and resources on preparing for the unknown with a negative attitude or you can concentrate on the business of today with a positive attitude.”