Balmoral Tanks confident of ambitious growth

Balmoral Tanks is the epitome of everything Made in Yorkshire seeks to promote.

The company produces an industry-leading portfolio of liquid storage and treatment products including epoxy coated and concrete tanks and has installations on major projects spanning Europe, North and South America, the Middle and Far East.

Its new £10m purpose-designed factory in South Yorkshire opened in January 2018 and houses a brand new epoxy coating line and in-line shot blasting as well as the latest laser cutting technology and fabrication facilities.

This investment forms part of an ambitious growth programme which has already seen it increase business significantly.

However, it is not resting on its laurels.

It has set itself the target of growing turnover by £75m over the next four years and increasing the proportion of its business derived from exports from 25% to 40%.

It is also targeting further acquisitions, having recently expanded into the pipe arena with the acquisition of Servomac, a Chesterfield-based pipework specialist.

However, managing director Allan Joyce is astute enough to realise that nothing will be achieved unless the firm engages its whole workforce in its journey.

“Any company that doesn’t focus on its people is heading for trouble,” he says.

“We have learned that customers will never love a business until the employees love it first. We therefore encourage all our staff to be engaged in what we do and to come and talk to us if they have a problem – employee engagement is key to everything we do and making it happen is down to the leadership of the business.”

It is this approach which has seen the group embrace the MIY ethos, to the point where it is one of the most actively engaged members in the network.

One of the latest examples of this has seen it become an early adopter of MIY’s new Inclusivity campaign.

But this approach extends beyond its own workforce.

“We have been more than happy to be a member of Made in Yorkshire. The network is very strong and we are pleased to be involved,” adds Allan.

“It is useful for us because we want to instill the same values in our suppliers that we have throughout our company.

“For us, suppliers are viewed in the same way as our customers. We believe that suppliers have to be engaged in our growth so they can grow with us.”

The company is so serious about its people-first approach that it dismissed two directors because they did not meet requirements for considering the people who work for them.