Success at Made in’s Backing Britain campaign launch

Made in Group’s Backing Britain campaign launch took place on 31st October at the RAF Museum in Cosford, where manufacturers gathered to discuss how they can promote British industry and create a community. 

The Backing Britain campaign was launched to act as a beacon of unity during these uncertain times and to inspire manufacturers to create a community within UK manufacturing. Backing Britain will be a twelve-month campaign alternating between Midlands and Yorkshire, visiting different locations each month with proceeds from each event going to a chosen charity. Speaking about the launch of the event founder and Director of the Made in Group, Jason Pitt said: 

“This is a time for manufacturers to create an example of unity, to inspire and restore confidence in Britain. Our new Backing Britain campaign will visit major cities and towns in the midlands and Yorkshire over the next 12 months. These events will be open to members and non-members and feature speakers from the membership and inspiration stories.”

Over 50 manufacturers from across the region came together at the RAF Museum in Cosford, where industry-leading speakers took to the stage in the name of backing the manufacturing sector and to contradict the current stories in the media, bringing a sense of positivity. 

Keynote speakers for the event were Chris Greenough, Commercial Director of Salop Engineering, Claire Robinson, Managing Director of Wrekin Sheet Metal, John D’Angelillo, Managing Director of Bauromat and James Worthington, Managing Director of My Work Wear.

Made in Group’s CEO Jason Pitt and Deputy CEO Charles Addison also spoke to bang the drum for manufacturing, along with Chairman of the Group and strategic Advisor to the New Common Wealth Lord Whitby.  Charles opened the discussion with an introduction to the launch of the campaign and what he hopes manufacturers take away from the event, he said:

“ The reason for today is to spread positivity and back manufacturing. My hope is that you will be inspired by today and be exposed to some companies who don’t subscribe to the fact that bad news sells”. 

Jason Pitt then stood up on stage to talk about how the event is a platform for members and keynote speakers to share their experiences. He also spoke more about what the campaign is about and how manufacturing as a sector can Back Britain, He said:

“Today is about Backing Britain and the power of communities, as a collective, we are smarter and more successful. We can Back Britain by doing simple things like reshoring, investing in your business, exporting to new markets and spreading the word via your contacts and news via community websites such as ours.” 

Following Jason’s inspiring speech, Lord Whitby spoke about his passion for British manufacturing, focusing on the advantages we have as those involved with the sector. He also spoke about what he has learned as Chairman of the Made in Group He said:

“What I have learned being the Chairman of the Made in Group, is that there is a determination and confidence to survive and invest.”

“It is in our interest as members to grow and grow our prosperity because that naturally supports Backing Britain. For those who may not be part of this family, I hope you consider becoming a family member today. ” 

After, it was the keynote speaker’s opportunity to express their thoughts on the current state of the economy and support from government for the manufacturing sector. Chris from Salop Engineering said: 

“ The industrial strategy implemented in 2017 has failed, this means we are behind the curve on industry 4.0, technology, productivity, and investment.” 

Claire from Wrekin Sheet Metal focused on how she is Backing Britain and why she decided to be part of the event: 

“Our customer base extends across the UK and we also export to France and Ireland. We continue to excel in making our products and the service we provide. But why have I decided to be part of Backing Britain? To prove that Britain has a worth in manufacturing”. 

Being part of the automotive sector, John D’Angelillo from Bauromat highlighted how Britain needs to get up to speed with the rest of the world when it comes to automating their companies, he said:

“I find it embarrassing that though we are a G7 country, we have not taken on the advantages of automation.” 

However James from my Workwear decided to use his opportunity on the stage to talk about how being part of the Made in Group has assisted him in gaining more business, through networking events and connecting with other members:

“We are 22% up on last year and I would put that down to a lot of networking at Made in events. Out of the 450+ members of the Made in Group We supply to 90 of them.” 

Backing Britain will bring manufacturers numerous opportunities for their voices to be heard not only by other manufacturers but by policymakers in Government such as Lord Whitby, bringing communities together. Jason Pitt said:

“If you look back in history, whenever we have faced a challenge, we have come together. For the last 3 years, we had uncertainty, negativity, division and clear lack of leadership. There is no solution in remaining divided, we need to compromise and come together.” 

Want to be part of the next Backing Britain event? The campaign heads to Yorkshire at the end of this month, you can register for tickets by clicking the link below:

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