UNITY: How will a government of “national unity” stop Brexit and how will it help?

In recent news it has become prominent that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could potentially become “caretaker” Prime Minister to avoid a no deal Brexit, by forming a National Unity Government. However, how will “national unity” stop Brexit going through and how will the extension help?

First of all what is a National Unity Government? 

A National Unity Government (NUG) is usually formed during a time of war or a national crisis of some sort. With a possible no-deal Brexit looming over Government and the rest of the country, this could easily be seen as a time of crisis. For an NUG to take place major  political parties must form what is called coalition party, backing a temporary Prime Minister to help the country get out of a particular dilemma.  

What is happening at the moment for a National Unity Government to take place? 

Leaders in support of blocking a no-deal Brexit are doing all they can to avert this happening on Halloween, 31st October. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon suggested she would back Jeremy Corbyn in becoming temporary Prime Minister for a no-deal not to happen, and to get an extension in place to deal with Brexit more efficiently. On the contrary, a Downing street source suggested the SNP’s support for Jeremy was really meant for a second scottish independence in return for Jeremy being placed into power. 

However in order for Jeremy to secure the temporary Prime Minister position, he needs a majority vote with all major parties. Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has declared she will not stand behind Jermey and that if he does want this to happen, he will need support from the “exiled” conservatives. In a response to Jeremy’s call for non-labour MP’s to make him Prime Minister, Jo wrote:

“I am ambitious for the Liberal Democrats, as you are for the Labour Party, but we are facing a national crisis and we may need an emergency government to resolve it. This isn’t the time for personal agendas and political games. We cannot allow party politics to stand in the way of Members from all sides of the House of Commons working together in the national interest. What matters right now is a plan that works and will stop a “No Deal” Brexit.”

On another note though there is a bid for Jeremy to lead the coalition party, other names have also been put forward including Jo Swinson herself, on top of: Green MP Caroline Lucas, Conservatives Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieves, and other Labour MP’s Yvette Cooper and Hilary Benn. 

How will the NUG stop a no deal Brexit?

Now on to the big question, how will a coalition party forming “national unity” stop a no-deal Brexit from happening? First of all, for the NUG to take power the MP’s involved would have to gain the backing of the House of Commons and confirm to the Queen they are capable to “command a majority”

The NUG would only be in place for a few days with the aim of “asking the EU to delay Brexit by extending Article 50 and trigger a general election”. 

How could the extension of Brexit help you as a manufacturing business? 

Manufacturing makes up for 23% of the UK economy, one could argue that the economy was built off of the industrial revolution and made the UK the 5th biggest economy in the world. 

A large majority of manufactured goods are exported or imported to and from the EU. In fact, there are already signs in place for freight coming in and going to the EU, to find out what will happen as policies may change after 1st November. With this being said, importing and exporting may not be as fluid as it is now. Therefore with a NUG causing an extension, the government may be able to find a solution to the future of importing and exporting.