What does Backing Britain mean to you?

The Made in Group has created a year-long campaign, starting 31st October, to act as a beacon of unity, and restore confidence in Britain. Backing Britain will visit 12 locations throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire, featuring presentations from industry leaders. 

Leading up to the campaign we spoke to members across Yorkshire and the Midlands to talk about what Backing Britain means to them. 

As the Made in Group was created to challenge the erosion of British industry, there is no better time than amidst Brexit to champion those in the sector. Made’s Backing Britain campaign will gather 100 like-minded business owners into one location each month for the next year, to talk around how the manufacturing sector can create a sense of community and Back Britain in these uncertain times. CEO of the Made in Group Jason Pitt said:

“This is a time for manufacturers to create an example of unity, to inspire and restore confidence in Britain. Our new Backing Britain campaign will visit major cities and towns in the Midlands and Yorkshire over the next 12 months. These events will be open to members and non-members and feature speakers from the membership and inspiration stories.”

Backing Britain’s first event will take place at the RAF Museum Cosford, and will feature speakers such as Managing Director of Bauromat John D’Angelilo and Managing Director of My Workwear James Worthington, members of Made in the Midlands. However, as we edge closer to 31st October, we wanted to find out other members thoughts on what it means to Back Britain and more specifically, how they are backing Britain. 

Subcon Laser Cutting 

Multi-award winning Warwickshire based company Subcon Laser Cutting, is one of the leading manufacturing service providers in the UK. Subcon Laser has been a member of Made in the Midlands since 2015 and are proud to have been members for so long. Tom Mongon is the General Manager for the company and is also an ambassador for the Made in Group, we spoke to Tom about unity and the importance of Backing Britain: 

“The definition of unity refers to the state of being united or joined as a whole, which is quite apt when considering the Made in Group’s latest campaign of Backing Britain. Which quite clearly should be everyone’s priority when it comes to sourcing goods”

“It is of vital importance to Back Britain as recent events regarding Brexit have demonstrated, by sourcing goods manufactured and or produced in the UK, not only are you helping the economy, you also helping to safeguard jobs and possibly depending on demand, create employment. But more importantly, you are safeguarding skills.

Subcon Laser regularly source and buy goods within the UK, as well as subcontracting work out to UK manufacturers in a bid to Back Britain constantly. Tom said: 

“We subcontract work out to UK Manufacturers and if at all possible to fellow Made in the Midlands members”. 


Made in Yorkshire members Cardinal are leading manufacturers of interiors and recently won Bradford Manufacturer of the Year. The company has been manufacturing and creating interiors throughout the world for over 35 years. We spoke to Managing Director Tim Considine and Client Director Dean Anderson to discuss how they Back Britain, Dean said: 

“We regularly promote British manufacturing and industry by looking at movements going on in the industry and networking. We also do this by making sure the industry is strong and roboost” 

Part of Cardinal’s efforts to support British Manufacturing is transparency, being honest customers and directing other customers elsewhere if Cardinal doesn’t have what they are looking for. Dean added: 

“Unity is about everyone standing together as one, this could mean collaborations and being transparent when dealing with customers. At Cardinal, we are open about cost and we point them in the right direction if we do not have the particular product they are looking for. We partner with a number of British businesses and we are open with our customers as to who is doing the work.” 

As an interior manufacturer, Managing Director Tim mentioned Cardinal’s support for Britain also comes from staying where they are in the business. By continuing to diversify, thrive and prosper rather than becoming a buyer and seller. Tim said: 

“Our support for Britain also comes from keeping the business where we are and continuing to invest and diversify”

“One may argue, it would be easier to set up overseas and become a buyer and seller. However, we are committed to investing in British manufacturing. Brexit is going to change dynamics, you have to back your local areas”.  

Hadley group 

Hadley group are a world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology and have more than 800 employees worldwide across Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Ben Towe is the Managing Director of Hadley Group and spoke to us about why he thinks it’s important to back Britain: 

“Unquestionably it is important to Back Britain whether we have or do not have a deal we are committed to making our business and country successful. We have the UK, European and worldwide manufacturing all designed to best serve our global customers and deal or no deal we must strive to continue to be the supplier of choice”.

Ben also spoke about how the Hadley group are backing Britain as an international business:

“Hadley Group imports raw material to manufacture metal products for customers in the UK, Europe and beyond. We have protected UK jobs to the best of our ability by transferring administration processes to Europe whilst retaining UK manufacturing and continuing uninterrupted service to our customers – national and international.”  

Members of the Made in group are continually Backing Britain to safeguard the British manufacturing sector and support businesses like their own. After speaking to numerous members, the general consensus was that Backing Britain means the sector coming together and supporting each other in unity. All of the members we spoke to had one thing specifically in common, that being part of the Made in group brings together like-minded people, an amplified platform for their voices to be heard and companies to be promoted. 

Attend our first Back Britain event on 31st October, click the link below to get your tickets.